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    Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench (YDP103R)

    • The 163 model has bigger more powerful speakers and a bit less of that left-right play on the keyboard.
    • Most information I found is the same description, likely translated from Japanese, that says things like "for the beginner and the experienced player alike, this piano will provide playing pleasure, blah blah ...", pretty much copied/pasted everywhere
    • I enjoy playing each day although I am pretty rusted and need a lot of practice.
    • Having played on a Kawai upright piano for over 12 years, I was worried that the quality of a digital piano would be subpar, but I was very wrong
    • Great for someone who just enjoys playing for my own enjoyment and also to practice for back-up church pianist
    • very very good sound like piano concert when my niece plays
    • As there is no string in the system, the key won't vibrate when played, even with the speaker at its highest volume.3