• Reviews around noise (1.00 of 5)

    Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Microwave Oven 900 Watt, 0.9 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel Front, Black Cabinet, Small, Trim

    • Like the look except mine came with a ding in the side and once in a while it really makes loud noise!
    • and today it sparked , made a loud popping noise and then emitted smoke
    • I did not keep this microwave, it made a very loud humming noise and would get louder as it ran
    • 10 seconds into it and fumes came out of this “artifact” and horrible noises!
    • Makes annoying loud noise when on
    • It makes weird noises now and then.. but until I can afford another microwave I will have to put up with this on...save your money.. don't buy it.
    • It makes loud noises and doesn't heat things from the first time we plugged it in