Golden Hour

2018 album from Grammy Award-winning Texan country artist, this time around sourcing inspiration from Neil Young, Sade & The Bee Gees. Includes 'Butterflies' & 'Space Cowboy'.

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  • Reviews around hour (5.00 of 5)

    Golden Hour

    • Golden Hour" starts off well, albeit without a lot of 'life'
    • Golden Hour is already a great country album but Ms. Musgraves did what she had to do when it came to the packaging
    • Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour album is really not as good as her first two albums, not even close
    • I'm pleased to see she is now at the top of the chart for CW Albums with "Golden Hour"
    • Just like everything else Kacey Musgraves touches Golden Hour is spectacular.
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  • Reviews around production (5.00 of 5)

    Golden Hour

    • While the production feels a little slicker, this is another excellent KM album.
    • And the production is definitely more accessible, but in a good way - she's not sold out, she's creating a sheen over her songs that give everything an overall feel of contentment and wistfulness
    • For her third (proper) album, Kacey Musgraves has taken her traditional Texas country roots and run it through some amazing production
    • wow, love Kacey… this album is on constant rotation... love the production, its maybe a perfect record
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  • Reviews around vinyl (5.00 of 5)

    Golden Hour

    • This music has power and punch embedded in it, and a good vinyl pressing could unlock all of that
    • If anyone at the record company is listening, please spend less time trying to seek out some clear vinyl, and more time on the mastering of the sound
    • Nothing gets milennialll record owners going quite like a colored record, and the clear vinyl is really really nice
    • I was apprehensive, as I found it was clear vinyl after I ordered it, was concerned about compromsed audio quality as on a picture record
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  • Reviews around kacey (5.00 of 5)

    Golden Hour

    • Kacey's songwriting and vocals are phenomenal, probably the best of her career.
    • Kacey is a great songwriter---and I am enjoying this album immensely!
    • Great CD but Kacey always give her fans their money's worth.
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  • Reviews around craft (5.00 of 5)

    Golden Hour

    • Well crafted songs and a beautiful
    • A beautifully crafted work from a maturing and evolving artist
    • Beautiful, well-crafted songs, excellent production.