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    Samsung Electronics MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave, 1.1 cu. ft, Black with Mirror Finish

    • Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product to anyone based on my poor experience; however I can send KUDOS to Amazon for their generous return policy...it is the best, always.
    • Horrible experience and waste of time/money.
    • It's been a totally frustrating experience, and I finally gave up this morning after a fruitless chat session with Samsung.
    • Checking on that business, it's got a terrible customer rating so keeping our fingers crossed that experience goes somewhere good.
    • This began the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced.
    • and I usually err on the side of overdoing it, but I have experienced warm food on the outside and ice cold on the inside.
    • After the WORST customer experience ever with Samsung (designed to Not help you), I contacted Amazon and they agreed to allow me to ship it back
    • Love love love Sunday's r my big cooking day